Ray Kasrovi & Associates was started in February of 1977 in Houston TX. The company’s founder, Ray Kasrovi, acquired MS in taxation and later completed his MBA at the University of Texas in Houston, Texas. After moving to San Jose in March of 1983, Ray Kasrovi & Associates has concentrated on protecting and enhancing the financial well being of clients in the Bay Area. As a small firm, Ray Kasrovi & Associates has the unique opportunity for providing personalized attention to every single one of his clients, which does not go in the way of making independent and objective decisions, after careful research and analysis.

The company's objective is to meet its clients' needs through high quality, timely service, where the clients' financial goals are met above and beyond all expectations. As part of that goal the company continuously strives for friendly, yet courteous and honest communication, methodical performance, and dependable and cost-effective work. With these vital steps that makes the company what it is, Ray Kasrovi & Associates hopes to achieve mutual respect where no party or effort would be taken for granted.